Friday, 17 April 2015

To church or not to church

So a little update... We have FINALLY reserved a wedding date! Saturday 15th April 2017. With saving for a house we want to make sure we have enough time to plan and arrange things with out it being too much of a rush.
Now we have found out dream venue of Sandburn Hall, we now have a larger dilemma of whether to get married in a church.
Being brought up in a family of going to Sunday school and being surrounded by grandparents who where church wardens, getting married in a church is important to me.  I understand it isn't for everybody but for me it is something I have grown up dreaming of a nice church wedding.
With this in mind the big dilemma of finding a church has risen. We want to get married in York as that is where we will be buying a house.  It is important for us to find a church which we can continue to go to and have out children christened in.
Not being part of a parish in York. I am finding it tricky on how to get the ball rolling.  I have found a website which joins together all the churches in the city center.
This is really informative and has links to other sites which goes in to details about how you qualify for a church wedding, the fees and how you go about arranging it.
After finding this site it put my mind at ease that we should be able to arrange somewhere with not much hassle.
For the time being there is no rush.... I don't think, so I will keep you all updated on where we decide.
Faye xx

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