Monday, 2 May 2016

Time Passes Quickly

I sit here writing this on a weekend city break in Wroclaw, Poland (a post will follow on the city as I am in love!). It has really given me time to reflect on how much has happened since I last posted- or even logged on.

The first major change is WE ARE NOW HOME OWNERS!!!!! After saving and saving for 18 months we finally managed to buy our dream little house in York.  With that out of the way, I feel like I can finally sit down to start planning this wedding!!!

Now less than 12 months away, I really should set the ball in motion.  Saying that we have managed in amongst things to put the essential plans into place.

As well as the venue we have now to me booked the most important part, the church.  It is a beautiful little church in our parish.  The inside is quaint with stain glass and modern touches here and there.

We have booked the photographer, an amazing local photographer Neil Jackson.  He is based in Scarborough, so nice and local.  His work really is amazing, you could say more like art.  A post will definitely follow on this as it was an easy decision to go with him, and I will go into more detail as too why in a later post.

So with the three big things in place, I now cant wait to start looking for things properly!!!!  Here is too a stress free (I hope) and fun 12 months!! The countdown starts now.

Love Faye

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