Friday, 13 March 2015

How I found my love for running.

At the end of September we arrived back from a fantastic holiday in Spain.  With another week before I started back at work I was conscious I need to do something to drastically to shift the extra holiday pounds I seemed to of found.  ( This is what three scoops of ice cream a day does to you.)

With this in mind I spent the next week at my parents which is in the lovely country side of West Yorkshire and decided this was the week I was going to once and for all force myself to love exercise. 

The week went something like this, it was a mix between playing badminton with my twin brother, which he basically stood still and I did all the work ( I was exhausted at the end of it), with a daily run thrown in.  I stated basic, just running around the village for a gentle 2k and I was surprised how it made me feel.

I really enjoyed myself and over the next few months I began to run more and more.  Mostly at the gym as it was now winter and awful outside and I didn’t feel brave enough to venture out in the cold.  I found running as a great form of stress release, it really helped me forget about a rubbish day, or clear my head if I was feeling a bit down.

By December I decided to enter the Jane Tomlinson Run For All in Leeds.  This is a 10k so I thought it would be a nice challenge for a beginner.  I roped in some family members to take part with me and currently there are 6 of us.  We are running in memory of my Grandma who passed away in July at one of the Sue Ryder hospices.  I thought it would be a fitting way to say thank you for the fantastic work they do and a great way to give back.  My Grandma was only in Manorlands for two days but the hospice has helped our family a lot over the years for various people and it is a very important charity too us. 

So after encouraging the family to take part, I am so impressed for everyone’s progress. My Dad is doing so well,  I took him to the gym on Saturday and he beat me at 5k, ( he hasn’t exercised properly for a long time !) we did 3 mins walk and 7 mins running. He was so fast, at one point he was at speed 14 and I was actively looking around for a defibrillator just in case.  He was showing off so then slowed down. We did the same on Sunday as well; I wasn't being beaten by an old man so I pushed really hard and we both finished dead on 40 mins.  He has been most days this week and on Tuesday shaved 3 minutes off his time!!!! Not bad for an oldie!! I am very proud.

With the majority of us being couch potatoes this is a big step for us, we are aiming to raise around £1000 for Sue Ryder and if you are interested in sponsoring us please click on the link below to learn more and give to a really worthy cause.

The run is on 12th July in Leeds city center. :) Donation Page

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  1. Wow! sounds great! I really need a kick start to shift some pounds and get fit for the summer!! Thanks for sharing! :) xx


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