Monday, 22 December 2014

Lovebird Brides

Lovebird Brides

This weekend was the first anniversary of my Granny passing away, and as she didn’t know about our engagement I decided to honour it with a trip to my very first bridal boutique. Planning our wedding in York I really wanted a part of West Yorkshire to be present on the day. 

Lovebird Brides is a new boutique situated in the heart of Yorkshire. Addingham is a quaint village next door to the thriving town of Ilkley.  Open in October Laura has set up Lovebird Brides to incorporate her love for classic glamour and her keen eye for beautiful pieces.

The decor in the boutique fits with the classic and vintage feel of the dresses.  Filled with classic furniture and draped in gorgeous handmade accessories the boutique really makes you feel like you have stepped back in time. 

Lovebirds stocks English designers Maria Senvo and Charlotte Balbier and there isn’t a big fat gypsy wedding dress insight.  Instead Laura has cleverly picked designs which wouldn’t look out of place in Great Gatsby.  From 1920s Glamour to Vintage Chic, if you are interested in vintage and classic gowns this really is the place to be. 

Being my first bridal shop experience I really had no idea what to even pick off the rail.  All I had in mind is that the general theme of the day will be vintage decor and pastel colours.  Taking Laura’s advice I let her lead me as what to try on.  The dress which really stood out to me as soon as I walked in was a Charlotte Balbier ivory piece called Belle, this full gown was a princess style dress with a full skirt.  This gorgeous dress would fit perfectly in anyone’s romantic day; it really would make any bride the centre of attention.  The full skirt has delicate lace detail which really stands out and the bodice has elegant lace straps which cover the sweetheart neckline in an appropriate and classic way.  Though this dress really was stunning and when you picture a wedding this will be the dress most brides imagine, it really wasn't me. It seemed too girly and I would be far too worried I would trip over the full skirt.

The other dresses I tried ranged from full lace to satin with a lace top and without giving too much away all the gowns where gorgeous. This experience really made me realise that Charlotte Balbier is the designer for me. She really embodies everything I am looking for in a dress and I feel it would complement the overall feel of the day.  Her feminine designs are elegant and flattering and her styles will suit any bride who loves traditional glamour. Her pieces range in colour from the traditional white and ivory to gold’s, creams and blush which I found really flatter darker skin tones and are very warming.

One thing which really stood out to me about the boutique was Laura’s handmade accessories.  Lah De Da accessories are created using crystals and pearls . Her accessories range from hair pins to head pieces and belts to bespoke designs. These pieces really do finish an outfit. I was amazing how her creations transform a simple dress.  You may find you try a dress on that you like but are not amazed by, then you add a head piece and a belt and you feel like you have tried on a completely new design.  Laura really has an eye for which pieces competent each dress. She cleverly has included pearls into some designs which brings out the tones in the dresses and complements the lace and pearls in the designs.

Laura can also take old family pieces of jewellery and create them into a new design. For example taking an old set of pearls and transforming them into a bracelet, earrings or threading them into the dress. This would be a unique way to have a part of family history present on the wedding day.

At the beginning of the day I really wasn’t expecting to visit one bridal shop and decided not to go anywhere else. Laura at Lovebirds has done such a wonderful job with the new boutique and I really feel some of the more established stores in the area have just gained hot new competition.  I wish her all the success and I defiantly won’t be visiting any other boutiques.  I had no idea that the first boutique I visited I would find the one..... Watch this space; I think I have found the dress.


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